Online Appointment for AADHAR Card Enrollment – Process Explained

Following the trend of technological advancement, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has already begun the on line services. Now the applicants can book their appointment online. As we all now that the applicants have to bool a appointment at the UIDAI center where the officers record the bio-metric data of the applicants. Earlier the applicant had to go to the Aadahar card center to book their slots. With the introduction of new service by UIDAI the work became much more easier. Now the applicants can get the appointment by few click of their mouse.

aadhar card

UIDAI has started this service in few major cities, the authority is running this service on the trail basis for few moths. In the service gives the positive results, then the online appointment booking services will be introduced in whole nation. Currently this service is active in cities of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Punjab and few other other states.

Right now the online service is providing applicants to avail the facility of booking appointment for enrollment of Aadahar card, These applicants can also cancel and re-schedule their appointment through the new online service of UIDAI.

How to book appointment for Aadhar Enrollment?

This service is available on the official portal of UIDAI, If you want to book appointment online, you have to visit the website and open the desired application form. Fill the application form with the correct credentials of the applicant like the registered e-mail id, native address, mobile number, etc. you also have to mention the address of nearest aadhar enrollment center. The applican are provided option to choose the date and time according to their availability. After filling the mandatory fields of the application form submit the form by click on the option of ‘Fix Appointment’.

Once the appointment is fixed, the regulatory authority will generate a token slip to you. Check the details in the token.Ensure that you got the desired enrollment center and date & time for the appointment. If very thing is fine, the proceed further and download the token.

Now you have to visit the enrollment center on the specified date and time for registration in data base Aadhar card. Need to carry the xerox copy of required documents of Identity proof, DoB proof and address proof.

if you are not available on the date or time of appointment, then you can cancel or re-schedule the previous appointment of  aadhar card enrollment.

P.S.- Only four people at a time can confirm their appointment at a single time. you have to book another appointment for other people.

Book the appointment with the name of the applicant, The token should contain the name of the applicant otherwise the appointment will be cancelled by the authority.