New Delhi: Reacting in the old familiar way, Aam Aadmi Party has decided to organize a protest rally to condemn the Land Acquisition bill brought by the central government in their budget session. The political party will launch the rally today to oppose the bill, according to the sources, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be present in the rally. The Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal will address the the attendees of the rally. Other party leaders also attend the rally to support the motive.

The officials told us that the rally will be started from Jantar Mantar, where the Cheif Minister of Delhi will address to the people and supporters. After the speech of Arvind Kejriwal, the rally will start marching towards Parliament. AAP leaders talked to media where they said that the new land acquisition bill by the ruling party is against the interest of farmers, the party will oppose the anti-farmer bill under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. However Kejriwal will not be part of the marching rally, he will only address the people at the starting of the rally.

aap rally

According to the claim of Aam Aadmi Party, the farmers from various states will join the rally in delhi. The farmers are coming from Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Haryana and eastern Utter Pradesh are comming to participate in the initiative.

BJP Spokesperson reacted that there is no need to organize such rallies, the government has already done the needful corrections in the land ordinance bill. He further alleged that AAP is doing such acts to divert the attention of people from the disturbance in their party leaders.

Arvind Keriwal reacted that they are doing all these things to protect the farmers from being exploited by the new policy of ruling government, He also asked Delhi Police Department to keep media away from their rally. AAP leader Ashutosh challenged the BJP government that this rally will be a warning to rectify the bill, if the bill will be forced as it is the party will organize such rallies whole nation wide.

On one hand the AAP leaders are filled with enthusiasm for their rallies, where on the other hand the Delhi Police clearly told that the political party will not be allowed to march towards Parliament as section 144 is imposed in the particular locality. Jantar Mantar is the place allotted to such protest, party can organise the rally there but marching towards Parliament will be against the law.


New Delhi: Micromax has created a sensation in the mobile market by launching his new smartphone at very affordable price. Micromax unveiled its new handset model Canvas Spark (Q380) in the launching event in Gurgaon. The price announced by the manufacturer company is hard to believe, the company is providing this slick stylish phone for just Rs.4,999.


Aadhar card is a crucial document issued by the government of India, this single document serves various purposes for the holder. It is sufficient proof for Identity as well as Address proof. Now a days Aadhar cars can be linked with bank accounts and gas connection, which has increased the utility of the card to another level.


Aadhar Card is a very important document, it serves as the Identity proof as well as address proof of resident of India. The holder can produce it as ID card anywhere with in the country. There is no hard and fast rule in terms of age and sex while applying for the Aadhar Card.


we all are well aware that there is no age bar for application of Aadhar card, a resident of any age can get the Aadhar of his own with unique Identification number alloted to him. People sound little confused regarding the details of application of aadhar card for children. So here again we are, this time with another article. In this article we are going to discuss the procedure and other details to get an aadhar card for children.


Aadhar Card is an official document issued by the authorized agency of Indian government, Unique Identification Authority of India is appointed to look after the working of Aadhar card in India. As everyone knows the importance of Aadhar Card, it is the primary Id proof of the holder, through this card the holder is entitled to various government benefits and subsidies.To ensure the genuineness of the Aadhar card, UIDAI has set a standard format of application. The applicants has to follow this prescribed norms to get the Aadhar card.


AADHAR CARD: A Document of Identity

Aadhar card is well accepted as the Identity proof, Address Proof as well as proof of date of birth in India. Moreover, you can link your Aadhar card with bank accounts to avail many privileges like subsidy on gas connection, life insurance cover, etc.


New Delhi: The government has given clear indication that they are planning to launch the express service in which PAN card will be issued to the applicants within 48 hours of application. A official told that this fast service will be rendered with the help of online facility. he said that this will be second reform in PAN card application procedure after 2010. In 2010 Income Tax department simplified the whole process of getting the PAN card. Now on the applicant can just produce any document from Driving Licence, EPIC card or Aadhar card as the proof. This one document will serve the purpose of Photo Id proof, address proof as well as proof of date of birth. prior to this reform, applicant had give three different document as proof for different purposes. This decision will benefit both applicant as well as PAN card issuing authority, as it will simplify their work of verification.pancard

Income Tax department need to spread awareness among the people for PAN card. The authority need to persuade people so that they apply in large number, The whole PAN card wing needs the public awareness campaign. The concerned department should do promotional activity to tell people the procedure of application for PAN card.

Today whole nation is suffering from the severe problem of black money, the government is trying to track down the major monetary transactions to check the circulation of black money. PAN card will really help in putting a check on circulation of illegal or black money. Thinking of this the government has decided to simplify the whole procedure application for PAN card. The government is thinking to organize PAN card application in the rural areas where the base of PAN card holders is low. The residents from all over the countries can apply for PAN in the center or camp near by them.

PAN card is the document issued by the Income department which carries the unique 10 alfa-numeric Permanent Account Number (PAN) which help the holder to file his tax return. Apart from filing tax, it also help in selling and purchasing of fixed assets. people need to produce their PAN card for doing monetary transaction beyond the specified limit.

The new decision will help the IT department to increase their PAN card base, if everything goes as per plans the new applicants will get their PAN in their hand with in 48 hours. Currently the whole process takes 15-20 days.


Following the trend of technological advancement, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has already begun the on line services. Now the applicants can book their appointment online. As we all now that the applicants have to bool a appointment at the UIDAI center where the officers record the bio-metric data of the applicants. Earlier the applicant had to go to the Aadahar card center to book their slots. With the introduction of new service by UIDAI the work became much more easier. Now the applicants can get the appointment by few click of their mouse.

aadhar card

UIDAI has started this service in few major cities, the authority is running this service on the trail basis for few moths. In the service gives the positive results, then the online appointment booking services will be introduced in whole nation. Currently this service is active in cities of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Punjab and few other other states.

Right now the online service is providing applicants to avail the facility of booking appointment for enrollment of Aadahar card, These applicants can also cancel and re-schedule their appointment through the new online service of UIDAI.

How to book appointment for Aadhar Enrollment?

This service is available on the official portal of UIDAI, If you want to book appointment online, you have to visit the website and open the desired application form. Fill the application form with the correct credentials of the applicant like the registered e-mail id, native address, mobile number, etc. you also have to mention the address of nearest aadhar enrollment center. The applican are provided option to choose the date and time according to their availability. After filling the mandatory fields of the application form submit the form by click on the option of ‘Fix Appointment’.

Once the appointment is fixed, the regulatory authority will generate a token slip to you. Check the details in the token.Ensure that you got the desired enrollment center and date & time for the appointment. If very thing is fine, the proceed further and download the token.

Now you have to visit the enrollment center on the specified date and time for registration in data base Aadhar card. Need to carry the xerox copy of required documents of Identity proof, DoB proof and address proof.

if you are not available on the date or time of appointment, then you can cancel or re-schedule the previous appointment of  aadhar card enrollment.

P.S.- Only four people at a time can confirm their appointment at a single time. you have to book another appointment for other people.

Book the appointment with the name of the applicant, The token should contain the name of the applicant otherwise the appointment will be cancelled by the authority.


New Delhi:Last night Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) too the decision expected by all. Arvind Kejriwal took a big decision as he expelled Yogendra Yadav and Shanti Bhushan from his party. AAP is facing the real hard time. The whole issue started when the party came in power, many leader publicly showed their differences with the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

Recently the founder members, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan announced their non-political group Swaraj Abhiyan, which apparently seems like a parallel entity against the core party. Both veteran leaders told the media that they are not happy the way party is working, people have some expectations with the party that is why they had chosen the party in state election and the new Chief Minster is not working effectively to fulfill the expectations. They also told that they have no plans to leave the party as it is common people’s party and not private property of any individual.

After the launch of “Swaraj Abhiyan’, Kejriwal called a party meeting to decide the future of these rebels in the party. After a week the party came with a firm decision and both the leader were expelled from AAP on Monday night for for indiscipline and anti- party activities. Ajit Jha is another leader who faced expulsion on Monday.aap

Both the leaders, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan said in the press conference called by them that they both are really hurt by the decision of the party. Thy said that the national disciplinary committee expelled the four of us on baseless charges of in-disciplinary anti party activities. the party has expelled two other leaders Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha along with Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

They told that the AAP has now became the KHAP where everyone follows the dictatorship of Arvind Kejriwal. Yogendra Yadav said that the decision of expulsion was not surprising, they were expecting the similar act after watching things going in such directions. But is also a fact that they both are badly hurt by the decision of the disciplinary committee. It feels like somebody forcefully drags you out of your own home.

They said that that they decided to launch their group “Swaraj Abhiyan’ to save the spirit of the Aam Aadmi Party but the committee misunderstood their true intentions and taken their decision. Both Yadav and Bhushan said that they made a mistake in identifying the real side of Kejriwal.